blue dot: nessie’s log

SFPC Solidarity Infrastructures: W24
Final Showcase Presentation

thinking about ... 

>> servers as archives/personal libraries
>> hand-coding
>> computers as community members
>> Structural Determinism 
>> saying thank you to chatgpt/google home
>> lost flashdrives + digital footprints/graveyards

blue dot: inspiration

>> short story my sibling wrote
>> about NESSIE 
    >> a girl/robot that goes to high school 
    >> she does her best to fit in, finds solace in jazz and math class 
    >> attempts to figure out social/school structures, but struggles and starts to slow down
    >> she stops functioning properly, and they send her back to space
>> found myself thinking about this story throughout class as an inverted perspective 
    >>>> we were thinking about building out tech structures to bolster up or respond to community
    >>>> what I love about Nessie is she’s an example of a machine that calls out errors in our social structures (digital canary)
    >>>> the ironic poetry in being built to fit in and then being told that you are broken
>> at the end of the story, Nessie shuts down
    >> she has a thumbdrive of music with her 
    >> what would happen if she was decommissioned, and left to “live” on a shelf? 

nessie’s log: the project

>> remote server in a raspberry pi that lives at the foot of my bed 
>> holds a “blog” of Nessie’s time on earth, as well as a collection of music and books she likes 
    >> rewrote the short story as timed posts 
    >> structured so users need to click through and read day by day, but can swim around in music and books at anytime
    >> white text on blue as a nod to blue screen of death + early interfaces  
>> very lovely to revisit the story and reimagine the structure, not as paragraphs, but as .html & .md files 
>> big takeaway from the project was patience and acceptance of slowness and working with my practice rather than against it (helped by being able to look over and look at the raspberry pi blinking)

Davy’s review: 

a wish or provocation to leave with you...

>> the energy and desire to save your passwords in a safe place!