Evangeline (she/her) is a postdigital artist working to maintain sustainable and accessible artist communities in online and DIY spaces, against cultures of immediacy, with sincerity and radical compassion.

202? Speculative Peking - WIP

Research and reimagination of Peking Opera masks through AI’s cultural ignorance
Custom image GAN

Supported by Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council

2024 Juu/u/ook  

A collection of remixed recipes, embracing the beauty of generational dissonance in cultural dishes
Custom python code, acrylic

Exhibited at Ed Video

2023 Papercuts - WIP

A 3D animation bringing feelings of depersonalization into physical space using chinese papercut aesthetics 
AR, 3D animated model

Supported by the Artivive Mentorship Residency Program

2021 ponyHAUS x Replicator

Livestreamed audio reactive visual performance
DJ set by Replicator

Touchdesigner, twitch.tv

2020 Blue Dot

Interactive narrative about a robot in high school. Inspired by the short story, “Transfer Student” by Davy Brooks.

Custom javascript code, acrylic, LED screens

2019 Good Morning! 

A diaristic attempt to discover what makes a morning "good" through distorted webcam footage of morning routines
Custom java code, images on silk

Supported by an RCDS Project Grant

Shown with Geary Art Crawl + Geary Winter Fest

2019 High Honey!

An immersive video that finds similarity in the spaces between a multi-racial identity and family relationships maintained in a digital landscape
360 video, Wooden lantern, soundscape

Shown with Beaver Hall Artists Gallery

2018 YOU, SKY

An interactive work that turns the user into a digital sky through a series of questions 
LED matrix board, Custom processing code 

Shown at Folio Magazine Launch

 realitywaswhateverhappened.comWeb native project and book documentation of Reality Was Whatever Happened: Octavia Butler AI and Other Possible Worlds
beth-coleman.comStraightforward archive of Dr. Beth Coleman’s research practice
adamhm.comSimple CV style audio portfolio
seks-tapes.comFor Canadian techno label SÉKS TAPES; feat. track archive and online store

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