Evangeline (she/her) is a postcyber artist working to maintain sustainable and accessible artist communities in online and DIY spaces, against cultures of immediacy, with sincerity and radical compassion.

202? Speculative Peking - WIP

Research and reimagination of Peking Opera masks through AI’s cultural ignorance
Custom image GAN

Supported by Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council

2024 Juu/u/ook  

A collection of remixed recipes, embracing the beauty of generational dissonance in cultural dishes
Custom python code, acrylic

Exhibited with “Did You Eat?” (2024), curated by Maddie Lychek at Ed Video

2023 Papercuts - WIP

A 3D animation bringing feelings of depersonalization into physical space using chinese papercut aesthetics 
AR, 3D animated model

Supported by the Artivive Mentorship Residency Program

2021 ponyHAUS x Replicator

Livestreamed audio reactive visual performance
DJ set by Replicator

Touchdesigner, twitch.tv

2020 Blue Dot

Interactive narrative about a robot in high school. Inspired by the short story, “Transfer Student” by Davy Brooks.

Custom javascript code, acrylic, LED screens

2019 Good Morning! 

A diaristic attempt to discover what makes a morning "good" through distorted webcam footage of morning routines
Custom java code, images on silk

Supported by an RCDS Project Grant

Shown with Geary Art Crawl + Geary Winter Fest

2019 High Honey!

An immersive video that finds similarity in the spaces between a multi-racial identity and family relationships maintained in a digital landscape
360 video, Wooden lantern, soundscape

Shown with Beaver Hall Artists Gallery

2018 YOU, SKY

An interactive work that turns the user into a digital sky through a series of questions 
LED matrix board, Custom processing code 

Shown at Folio Magazine Launch

   realitywaswhateverhappened.comWeb native project and book documentation of Reality Was Whatever Happened: Octavia Butler AI and Other Possible Worlds
beth-coleman.comStraightforward archive of Dr. Beth Coleman’s research practice
adamhm.comSimple CV style audio portfolio
seks-tapes.comFor Canadian techno label SÉKS TAPES; feat. track archive and online store

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